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April 7, 2017

Who Watches TV Watchers?  Everyone.

70% of Americans Regularly Binge Watch TV Shows: Infographic

Koeppel Direct

It’s Friday and I’m sure you have uplifting activities planned for the weekend: hiking in the Great Outdoors, visiting a science museum, building homes for the homeless, that sort of thing. What, your real plan is to binge watch Westworld? For better or worse, you’re not alone: 70% of Americans do that at least once a month, according to this unusually interesting infographic on TV viewing trends.  Lots of fun facts for marketing data geeks. From direct response agency Koeppel Direct.

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Verizon Digital Media Services Helps Monetize OTT Content

Verizon Digital Media Services

Of course, we all know that while we’re watching TV, the TV is watching right back. Verizon, whose right to sell your viewing data was just fixed into law, has a Digital Media Services group helps companies prepare, deliver, display and monetize online content. They’ve just launched a “Media Xperience Studio” that makes it easier to do such things through non-network (a.k.a OTT, for “Over the Top”) channels.  Privacy aside, this is reminder that media companies are becoming martech vendors.

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Alphonso Connects OTT Viewing with Offline Purchases

Video Nuze

Alphonso also watches the OTT watchers, in its case through content recognition software embedded in more than 30 million smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile apps, and other devices. The company builds a database of programs and ads being broadcast on conventional (“linear”) TV and matches it against content viewed on each device.  This lets it know who saw what, including which ads.  An advanced version measures ad impact by connecting viewing history with online and offline purchase data from IRI, MasterCard, and others. Alphonso just launched a SaaS product that allows real-time analysis of its data.

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