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April 10, 2017

12% of Companies Have a Separate Digital Marketing Team

Pyze Enterprise Edition Adds External Data to App Marketing and Analytics


Pyze gives mobile and Web app publishers advanced campaigns and analytics in a single package. It has just released an Enterprise Edition that can import data from external sources and manage customer experience across multiple applications. There’s a heavy dose of artificial intelligence for things like classifying data, identifying segments, and personalized messaging. If it seems wrong to isolate app marketing from everything else, bear in mind the target is app publishers who only have that one channel.

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Google Launches Marketing Mix Partner Program


Google has announced a program to give marketing mix model providers better access to its media data. It provides spending details by campaign across all Google video, display and search properties in a standardized format. Initial partners include Marketing Management Analytics, Neustar Marketshare, and Nielsen.

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12% of Companies Have a Separate Digital Marketing Team: TFM Insights Survey

Technology for Marketing

Just 12% of companies have a separate digital marketing team while 81% have a mixed team, according to a survey from Technology for Marketing, Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, and Pure360. Martech is “owned” by marketing alone at 12% of the companies, by IT only at 29%, and is shared between the two at 36%. Also some very interesting details on what’s done in-house vs. outsourced. Worth a look.

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