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April 14, 2017

Brand-Safe Ad Placements, Shrinking Call Centers, and Other Signs of the Times

MediaMath Promises Brand-Safe Ad Placements


Programmatic ad platform MediaMath has launched “Curated Market”, a pool of ad placements guaranteed to be brand-safe. It’s one of many firms taking advantage of advertisers’ concerns that they are advertising on sites they don’t want to associate with their brands. Here’s another. This is a narrow issue but I think it draws on a much broader desire among marketers (and everyone else) to gain some control in the face of overwhelming technical complexity. Marketers increasingly feel that way about martech. If I were creating advertising right now, it’s a theme I’d explore.

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Contact Center System Market Is Shrinking: Frost & Sullivan Report

Frost & Sullivan

In another sign of the times, research firm Frost & Sullivan has issued a report estimating that the market for contact center systems will fall by nearly 2% per year through 2020. Phone agents are being replaced by many types of self-service and automated systems. Some research suggests consumers often prefer non-human interactions but I suspect the main driver here is lower costs for companies, customer preferences be damned.

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Millenials Are Biggest IT Security Threat: Cisco and The Ponemon Institute


Here’s one more big picture item: Millenial employees pose the biggest security risk facing IT, according to a survey from Citrix and The Ponemon Institute. The problem isn’t Millenials revolting against The Man, but their introduction of mobile devices and collaboration tools without approval of corporate IT. Another losing battle against chaos, it would seem. Happy Friday!

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