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April 17, 2017

Specialized Systems for Publishers and Casino Marketers

Mirabel Technologies Adds Website Visitor Identification for Print Publishers

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File this under “vertical solutions are way more common than you think”. Mirabel Technologies claims more than 15,000 print publications use its Web-based CRM for ad sales, billing and production. It just launched a marketing automation product whose stand-out feature is Web site visitor identification using either IP address or email. It also appends data to leads it identifies and does lead scoring based on Web behaviors.  Bear in mind this is about managing ad sales, not subscriber lists.  Also, it's about Web sites for print publishers. Yes, it’s a tad confusing.

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VizExplorer Enhances Its Marketing Campaign Features for Casinos


Sticking with vertical products, VizExplorer provides casinos with analytics on everything from CRM to floor space to maintenance staff. It has just upgraded its marketing campaign manager to improve segmentation, testing, and campaign design. VizExplorer doesn’t run operational processes; instead, it pulls data from operational systems into a CDP-style data integration hub.  Even so, the tight integration between industry-specific operations and marketing is typical of vertical solutions, giving them an advantage over general purpose systems.

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MarketTrack Study: 80% of Shoppers Check Prices Online Before Buying at Retail


Retail qualifies as a vertical, although I don’t have a retail product to discuss. But here's a MarketTrack study on shopper preferences for online vs in-store shopping. Despite all the bad news you’ve read about bricks-and-mortar retailers, shoppers in most categories still prefer to buy in a physical store. But younger shoppers lean more towards online and 80% of respondents said they do online price comparisons. So the prospects for conventional in-store retail do look rather bleak.

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