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April 18, 2017

AI-Based Advice for Data Integrators, Marketers, and Sales People

SnapLogic Adds Automated Recommendations for Data integration


Can we issue a pre-emptive ban, or at least apply extreme vetting, on referring to artificial-intelligence-based products as “self-driving”? This SnapLogic announcement actually describes an AI-based feature that recommends steps in building data pipelines. That’s more like “AI-based back seat driving”, a description I don’t expect to catch fire. Crankiness aside, AI has a huge potential to simplify data integration. SnapLogic isn’t the first to use it that way but it’s still good they do.

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IBM Watson Offers Insights to Marketers


Our AI friends at IBM have introduced “Watson Marketing Insights”, which continuously examines customer interactions and attributes to find which items predict behaviors.  It then builds segments based on those items and presents them to marketers, who will hopefully find inspiration for new campaigns. There’s no claim that the AI is doing anything other the providing information – it’s not making suggestions, let alone taking action. One suspects Watson has higher ambitions but is too canny to reveal them openly.

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Mintigo Distributes AI-Based Profiles to SAP CRM Users

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And here's Mintigo announcing delivery of its own AI-based sales intelligence data to users of SAP’s C4C CRM system. This follows similar integrations with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. Again, this is only about delivering information, not telling anyone what to do with it. Nothing wrong with that.

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