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April 20, 2017

Yext, MuleSoft, and Defining CDPs

Yext Closes $133 Million Initial Public Offering


Yext helps local businesses manage directory listings, reviews, and other parts of their online presence. It’s a specialized but large corner of the marketing technology industry. They just completed their Initial Public Offering, a rare achievement these days. The IPO raised $133 million and yielded a $1.2 billion market capitalization. That’s ten times revenue if you track such things.

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MuleSoft Adds Collaboration Features for IT-Led Integration, Releases Survey


MuleSoft, which provides tools for API-based data and process integration, has released a new set of collaboration features aimed at enabling “self-service” access and reuse of integration resources. The company is quite clear that these are tools “for use by IT professionals”, not end-users. They also recently released an interesting survey on IT decision making, which which found that misalignment and lack of resources are the biggest causes for failure of IT projects.

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CDP Institute Mulls “Marketer Control” as Part of CDP Definition

CDP Institute

The CDP Institute has been publicly wondering whether it should remove “marketer-controlled” from its formal definition of Customer Data Platforms. So far, the feedback has been in favor of keeping it, mostly because marketers are the real buyers and we wouldn’t want to chase them away, would we? But we'd love to hear your thoughts, Dear Reader.  You can post them as blog comments or send an email to editor@cdpinstitute.org.

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