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April 25, 2017

New Tools for Content Marketing

CrowdRiff Expands Visual Content Management for Travel Marketers

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Maybe you can be too rich or too thin but surely you can never have enough content. Crowdriff helps travel and tourism companies gather, curate, and distribute visual content created by users. They’ve been around since 2011 but just released the latest version of their product, which also manages company-generated visual content.

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ContentOro Helps Marketers Use Content from Books


Books. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. They’re an antique form of content distribution. ContentOro modernizes the concept by making it easy to embed excerpts in a company Web site. They handle pesky details like securing rights from authors and publishers. Right now, ContentOro editors help marketers pick the items they want but they’re working on a self-service marketplace.

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Captora Adds Personalized Content Selection

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Captora doesn’t generate content but it does help you decide which content to generate. Specifically, it examines your own and competitive content across the Web to find how different topics and keywords are being used and identify related opportunities. It just added a content promotion module that automatically offers the most appropriate content to each Web site visitor, based on what they’ve consumed in the past. That's a big move: it makes them a personalization engine.

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