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April 26, 2017

Microsoft Connects LinkedIn Data to Dynamics 365 for Sales

Microsoft Integrates LinkedIn Profiles with Dynamics 365 and Expands LinkedIn Audience Matching for Ads


Salesforce.com's worst nightmare just came true: Microsoft is making LinkedIn profiles available directly within Dynamics 365 for Sales. Microsoft says the integration will allow “leveraging signals across email, CRM and LinkedIn to get contextual recommendations for the next best action within Dynamics 365 for Sales, facilitating introductions directly through the company’s network, and sending InMail, messages and customized connection requests”. Powerful.  Separately, LinkedIn will let clients match their own contact lists with LinkedIn profiles for advertising. Users can upload a file or integrate directly with Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, and LiveRamp. Note who’s not on that list.

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ReachForce Adds Contacts to Its Marketing Data Quality Tools


LinkedIn may be the mother lode but it’s not the only source of profile data. ReachForce has updated its data cleaning and enhancement features to include contact intelligence and easier integration with online form pages. ReachForce integrates with marketing automation (Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, IBM Silverpop and HubSpot), not with sales systems.

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IBM Makes Real Time Weather Data Available Via LiveRamp

The Weather Company

Local weather is one type of data that even LinkedIn doesn't have.  But IBM does, through their acquisition of The Weather Company.  They've now connected Weather Company data to LiveRamp’s IdentityLink Data Store, making it easier for marketers to use real-time local weather information for personalized marketing and advertising.

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