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May 2, 2017

Everyone Is Confused About Customer Data

Manthan Updates Its Customer Data Platform for Retailers


Manthan calls itself a retail analytics firm but actually does much more: it assembles unified customer data, creates predictive models, and executes targeted campaigns. They also offer analytics for merchandising, supplier collaboration, store operations, financial management and human resources. Manthan has just upgraded their Customer360 customer analytics solution, which they (accurately) describe as a customer data platform. Also: they separately announced an AI-powered voice-based conversational interface for business analytics. .

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BlueVenn Survey: Consumers Find Personalization Creepy But Like Personalized Recommendations


CDP vendor BlueVenn surveyed marketers and consumers. They found that 86% of marketers feel they need to collect as much information as possible for maximum success but 81% actually collect only data that is “strictly necessary”. Consumers are even more confused: 70% find personalized advertising “creepy” while 63% find personalized recommendations useful and 83% hate irrelevant advertising. Plus other interesting tidbits.

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Talend Survey: IT Managers More Worried About Data Breaches Than Unified Customer View


Data management tool vendor Talend surveyed IT managers and consumers. Contradictions here too: 63% of IT respondents said understanding customers was their top priority, but 70% said IT would be penalized for a data breach while just 38% said IT would be penalized for a failed customer data project. Consumers come across as just plain flaky: 4% said they currently own a self-driving car, 37% said they’re concerned about being spied on by connected devices, and 67% claimed they always change default passwords. Biggest fantasy of all: 61% said brands already understand and cater to their needs.

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