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May 4, 2017

Personalized Marketing Keeps Getting Easier

AppNexus, LiveRamp, and MediaMath Launch Consortium for People-Based Programmatic Ad Buying

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So much news, so little space. I’ll combine a few items. Adtech vendors AppNexus, MediaMath, LiveRamp, and others have formed a consortium to identify viewers available for programmatic advertising. They’ll create an encrypted personal identifier and tie it to a shared cookie. That’s interesting in itself, and even more interesting is that they pitch it as a way to get precision comparable to ads on Google and Facebook, which have recently become everyone’s favorite punching bags. Still sticking with advertising: a survey from Tremor Video found that GenZ consumers (age 14-21) are much more receptive to TV advertising than older consumers; in fact, 40% have shared a TV ad, compared with just 19% of GenX (ages 38-50). Baby boomers are apparently too old to consider.  A survey of media buyers from Turn found another generation gap: just 28% of media buyers under 30 consider viewability when buying video inventory, compared with 60% of buyers over 30, and 76% of those under 30 consider fraud a “less than crucial concern”. Ah, the innocence of youth.

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mParticle Helps Clients Share Audiences


More about marketing to people: Customer Data Platform vendor mParticle has created its own little consortium of sorts, allowing its clients to directly share audience lists for mobile marketing. The sharing deals are negotiated directly by the parties, with mParticle just supplying the shared technology. It’s an interesting value-add for mParticle.

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Heap Raises $27 Million to Simplify People-Based Web Analytics

Heap Analytics

And still more about people-based marketing: Heap has technology that captures Web site behaviors without setting up tracking for each event individually. As the company puts it, they “automate away the annoying parts of analytics” so people can focus on the fun stuff. Behaviors can be tied to individuals, which isn’t always the case with Web analytics. The company just raised $27 million, for total funding of $40.2 million.

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