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May 5, 2017

Marketers Need To Give The Right Digital Experiences

BloomReach Announces Digital Experience Platform

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In an exceptionally jargon-filled press release, BloomReach appears to be announcing integration of its recently-acquired Hippo content management system with BloomReach’s AI-driven recommendation tools. The combined system ingests data from all sources to create a unified customer view, analyzes purchases and content consumption, and drives messaging across all digital channels.

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Consumers Want Faster, Not Fancier, Digital Experiences: IBM Study


Marketers using tools like BloomReach need to do a better job of giving customers what they really want, according to an IBM study. The key finding is that executives think consumers want digital tools to give greater control and self-service, while consumers really want tools that save time and money. Another IBM report pans companies’ current customer experience offerings, noting, for example, that 71% of firms don't personalize their marketing messages.

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Would People Watch More TV If They Could Find Their Remotes?

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For a broader picture of consumer behavior, we have a study from market research firm PQ Media, which found total media usage has reached seven hours per day worldwide and ten hours per day in the U.S. Mobile media are growing fastest while desktop usage is declining. But live TV still takes up more time than anything else.

TV consumption might be still higher if people didn’t spend so much time looking for lost remotes.  They're the single most-commonly misplaced item, according to a study from tagging tech vendor Pixie. Phones, car keys, glasses, shoes(!), and wallets/purses come next. Millennials are twice as likely as Baby Boomers to lose things. It’s a surprisingly interesting study, although it probably won’t help your marketing.

Speaking of interesting studies and generational differences, I'm repeating two links from yesterday that NOT ONE READER clicked on. 

  • A survey from Tremor Video found that GenZ consumers (age 14-21) are much more receptive to TV advertising than older consumers;
  • A survey of media buyers from Turn found just 28% of media buyers under 30 consider viewability when buying video inventory, compared with 60% of buyers over 30.
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