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May 8, 2017

Finding Profit in Adtech Industry Woes

Adfresco Boasts Human-Powered Ad Marketplace

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Adtech vendors keep trying to profit from industry turmoil. Ad inventory marketplace Adfresco is a good example: trading on concerns about fully-automated ad buying, they now position their service as “bringing the human aspect back to automated buying and selling”. In concrete terms, this means that publishers can post inventory options online with a link to an account executive or sales team that must be contacted to make an actual purchase. Charmingly retro. I wonder if they offer drone-based martini delivery.

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AppNexus Launches GDPR Compliance Initiative


Privacy is another spot of troubled water where adtech vendors are fishing. AppNexus has announced an initiative to ensure compliance with privacy rules imposed by the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Not breaking the law isn't usually a differentiator, but so many companies are lagging in GDPR preparation that it could well give AppNexus an advantage.

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27% of Digital Inventory Fails Fraud or Quality Standards: AcuityAds


Advertisers might be dragging their feet on privacy, but fraud has their full attention. Here we have programmatic platform AcuityAds announcing a partnership with Fraudlogix to expand protection. AcuityAds says they currently block 27% of all digital inventory due to fraud and quality issues. Yikes.

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