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May 10, 2017

Help for Local Marketers

eRelevance Adds $5.1 Million Funding to Expand Small Business Marketing Service


Let’s talk local marketing. eRelevance is a “marketing automation service” whose staff uses proprietary technology to run retention and upsell programs for small business clients. The company just took $5.1 million more funding, bringing its total to $13.7 million since 2013. With nearly 800 customers and $4 million annual run rate, it costs about $5,000 per year: reasonable but still more than many small businesses will spend.

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Empyr Charges Retailers for In-Store Purchases Linked to Online Ads


Empyr uses geo-fenced advertising to make offers to people near a store. But its real differentiator is connecting ads to in-store purchases. It does this by offering consumers rewards for registering their credit cards, serving those consumers ads on partner Web sites, and charging retailers a fee when the consumers make a purchase. Part of the trick is deep integration with the credit card companies to gather the purchase data.

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Reveal Mobile Offers Location-Based Audiences for Social Advertising

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Reveal Mobile also assembles permission-based local audiences, in its case by gathering mobile device signals through public beacons, GPS, and wifi networks. It recently launched a new platform, Social Direct, that lets marketers select audiences based on location, including visits to their own store or a competitor, as well as broad interest categories. Marketers can then target those audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google AdWords, and other channels.

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