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May 11, 2017

The Whole World is Tracking

Messaging Marketplace Simplaex Raises $2.6 Million Series A

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Berlin-based Simplaex started as a marketing platform for game developers but has grown into a general purpose marketplace for programmatic advertising and targeted messaging. They’ve just raised a $2.6 million Series A. They build profiles using proprietary technology to track in-app behavior without an SDK, and can send event-triggered or bid-purchased messages which are delivered outside of clients’ apps. If you’re a game company that wants to monetize players but not disrupt their in-app experience, that’s enticing. Simplaex casually refers to the itself as “the leading customer data platform” but they don't have in mind our definition.

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Exponential Adds Cuebiq Location Tracking Data for Ad Targeting and Impact Measurement


New York-based Cuebiq tracks the locations of 61 million mobile app users, claiming to cover one-quarter of all U.S. smartphones. It uses the data for ad targeting and to measure the impact of ads on traffic at physical locations. It just partnered with Exponential, which will add Cuebiq data to its own interest-based ad audiences.

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KickFire Partners With Terminus To Measure ABM Ad Impact

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Why should consumer marketers have all the tracking fun? San Jose-based KickFire uses IP addresses to identify the company of Web site visitors. It has just announced a partnership with account based marketing ad vendor Terminus, which will measure how many Web site visitors come from companies targeted by Terminus-placed ads. It will also identify companies of other visitors, who are presumably also potential prospects.

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