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May 12, 2017

Consumers Trust Biometrics More Than Passwords

IBM Will Use SecuredTouch For Behavior-Based Identity Authentication

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Identity verification (proving someone is who they say they are) is slightly different from authentication (proving someone is who you think they are). Both sometimes conflict with privacy and all three are relevant to marketers who need to know their customers. On the authentication front, Tel Aviv-based SecuredTouch uses 100+ behavioral parameters such as typing patterns to ensure the expected person is using a device – even though it doesn’t know who that person is. This does away with registration, passwords, and in fact any specific effort by the user. SecuredTouch just announced they will be an authentication option for IBM’s MobileFirstFoundation.

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Consumers Trust Biometrics More Than Passwords: EyeVerify Survey


Meanwhile, a survey from eye-recognition vendor EyeVerify has found that consumers consider biometric authentication more convenient and secure than passwords, PINS, and other common methods. While fingerprints are by far the most common biometric identifier, people are also interested in trying eye, voice, and facial recognition.

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ID.me Study: Identity Fraud Hit 15.4 Million People In 2016


You probably don’t need a reminder of why identification is important, but, just in case: digital identity network ID.me has released a Forrester study that found 15.4 million people were identify fraud victims in 2016, with losses estimated at $16 billion. The study also found that organizations are using a wide variety of solutions for verification and authentication. ID.me offers “federated single sign-on identity verification”, meaning it verifies a consumer’s identity once and then lets consumers apply the same credentials to authenticate their identity with multiple organizations. This lets consumers limit the amount of private information they need to share with each organization.

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