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May 18, 2017

Marketing Automation Revenues Hit $4 Billion

Marketing Automation Market Is $4 Billion and Growing at 8.5% per Year: Grand View Research

Grand View Research

Did you ever have that dream where you’re asked to the size of the marketing technology industry, and find answers ranging from $14 billion to $230 billion? Me too. The folks at Grand View Research have added more data points: they’ve just released a study estimating the marketing automation software market at $3.35 billion in 2015, growing at 8.5% per year. That would make it just under $4 billion in 2017. Their definition of marketing automation includes campaign management, email marketing, inbound marketing, mobile apps, lead management, reporting and analytics, and social media marketing; they say email accounts for 30% of the total. Another Grand View report pegs the CRM market at $23.1 billion in 2015, growing at 13.5% per year. Get all the details for just $4,950 per report.

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Aprimo Adds Campaign and Distributed Marketing Features


Newly-independent Aprimo is eager to get its piece of that $4 billion pie. It just released an updated campaign management solution and new distributed marketing capabilities. While they’d be happy to sell you campaign management, Aprimo’s main focus these days is on marketing operations, which it defines as planning, spending, creation, distribution, and performance management. The company strengthened that portion of its business in March with purchase of digital asset management vendor ADAM Software. (DAM)

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Melissa Adds Cloud-Based Matching Service


Campaign management is worthless without good customer data, right? A Customer Data Platform is generally the best approach, but if all you want is a simple deduplication tool, you’ll be happy to know that Melissa has made its venerable MatchUp matching system available as a cloud service. Melissa announced a more comprehensive offering last month, incorporating Pentaho data integration tools. But it’s still a do-it-yourself project.

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