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May 19, 2017

Let's Talk About Chat

Chat Interactions Up 33% Since Last Year: Apptentive Study


Chat is hot. This study from in-app messaging vendor Apptentive found a 33% increase in interaction rates among its customers in the past year: that is, companies went from interacting with 9% of their customers to 12%.  Response rates also inched up from 62% to 65%. The report has some other interesting stats but most useful was a link to this SearchMarketingDaily article, which reported 70% of chatbot interactions ultimately require human intervention and itself linked to other related studies.

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21% of Companies Don’t Respond to Chat Requests: SuperOffice Study


Of course, chat is only useful if someone answers. CRM vendor SuperOffice tested 1,000 companies and found that 21% didn’t respond to live chat support requests during business hours. Other best practices are also widely ignored: 23% of companies don’t ask for contact information before starting a chat, 45% don’t ask for feedback after the chat, and 55% don’t offer transcripts. Ironically, I couldn't find a chat option on SuperOffice’s own Web site. .

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Tagove Chat System Offers CRM as Add-On


Tagove offers tools for video, voice, and text chat along with related features such as screen sharing and co-browsing. It has just added an integrated CRM to store conversation results and do other CRMish things like lead management, task creation, and outbound emails. It seems like buying a car from your windshield wiper manufacturer. Is CRM really that much of a commodity?

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