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May 24, 2017

New Places to Get Data

BounceX Raises $31 Million For, Um, Something

Market Wired

BounceX has one of the least informative Web sites ever. It says they do behavioral-based Web personalization, programmatic advertising, email retargeting, and marketing automation but offers no details. Meanwhile, the company’s press release says they build a proprietary database and device graph that lets clients identify previously anonymous Web site visitors. Somebody got answers they liked: the company just raised a $31 million Series B.

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Traverse Data Changes Its Identity, Helps Companies Find Yours

Business Wire

Data, which just changed its name from Traverse LLC, collects consumer information from online registrations, replaces personal identifiers with unique-but-anonymous hash keys, and licenses the result to companies that link customer data for onboarding, retargeting, attribution, cross-device marketing, and personalization. In addition to a new name and Web site, the company just raised $1 million. The Web site features a match-the-picture-to-the-profile game that is probably just intended to be fun but might also be a sly comment on Internet privacy and identity. I certainly hope so.

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crystal.io Offers Advice Based on LinkedIn Data Feed

PR Newswire

DataSift also assembles data about people, in its case taking feeds from social media sites. Some is anonymized and some is linked to individuals, depending on what the site owner allows. DataSift just set up a feed of anonymized LinkedIn data to crystal.io, an artificial intelligence-powered “virtual advisor” promises insightful answers to marketers’ questions. To be clear (get it?), crystal.io works only with aggregated data, so it can’t tell you what Dad wants for Father’s Day.

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