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May 30, 2017

Data on Data-Driven Decisions

77% of Marketing Measurement Innovators Use Third Party Software: Brand Innovators and Origami Logic

Origami Logic

all know it’s hard to measure marketing performance. Still, it’s helpful that professional community Brand Innovators and marketing measurement vendor Origami Logic has given us some metrics on the topic. Maybe the most interesting finding is the companies that are best at measurement are most likely to get outside help: 77% of self-declared “innovators” and 63% of “leaders” using third party measurement software, compared with just 45% of “basic” users. Infrastructure and data integration were the biggest obstacles. Other interesting stuff too.

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Marketing Is Most Data-Driven Department: Interana Study


Taking a broader perspective, analytics technology vendor Interana found that marketing is the most data-driven of all departments and insights into user behavior is the most asked question. Just 7% of companies give end-users the tools they need to answer questions on their own, while 73% commonly wait days to weeks for someone else to give them an answer.

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Bain Study: Professional Managers Becoming Less Important


Stepping back still further: strategy consultants Bain & Company have concluded that business management itself is undergoing a radical transition.  The shareholder-based model that has dominated the past 50 years will be replaced technology-enabled customer intimacy, accompanied by a shift in dominance from professional managers to experience creators, and from owned assets to ecosystem partnerships. For some unfathomable reason, Bain has not offered a cute label for all the new regime. Bain doesn’t discuss the role of data-driven decisions, but I’d guess this approach makes data more important even if the decisions themselves are more automated.

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