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June 9, 2017

New Integrations for CDP Vendors

Tealium Streams Data Directly to Major Cloud Computing Platforms


Let’s do news from CDP vendors today. Tealium announced new capabilities to stream data into cloud computing platforms including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Key benefits include real-time data collection, prebuilt connectors for more than 1,000 source systems, and transformation of data before it is fed into destination systems.

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Datorama Adds Anonymized LinkedIn Data via DataSift


Next: Datorama added a connector to social intelligence aggregator DataSift. Specifically, Datorama customers will be able to load anonymized and aggregated LinkedIn data gathered by DataSift and exposed through its Media Strategies API. DataSift launched the API last month and has several partners using it. Datorama integrates and exposes customer data from multiple sources.  This makes it a true CDP, although the company focuses primarily on using the data for marketing performance measurement.

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AgilOne Launches App on Oracle Cloud Marketplace


And one more: AgilOne has placed its Customer Data and Engagement Hub on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, offering an integration to deliver messages through Oracle Responsys. Oracle still draws its Marketing Cloud with the BlueKai DMP in the position of a CDP, but clients who want a real CDP will need something like AgilOne.

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