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June 13, 2017

AI-Powered Dynamic Ad Content

Wylei Launches AI-Powered Optimization of Personalized Dynamic Ad Content


So many robots, so little time. Dynamic content generator Wylei has launched an AI-powered, SaaS-based “Optimization Cloud” that uses automated testing to optimize personalized email, Facebook, video, and display ads. Marketers upload their assets and the system automatically tests which combinations work best for which customer micro-segments. The company says it has improved conversion rates by 35% to 200%.

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PulsePoint Uses AI to Manage Content Marketing Campaigns


Ad tech vendor PulsePoint has upgraded Story by PulsePoint, which uses AI to manage content marketing programs across social media, native, and content discovery platforms. It optimizes for post-click engagement, not just lowest cost per click.

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Blueshift Embeds AI Within Cross-Channel Journeys


Blueshift creates personalized messages for email, Web sites, and mobile apps. It partners with several Customer Data Platform vendors to help assemble the unified profiles that drive those messages. The company just launched an “AI-Powered Cross-Channel Visual Journey Builder” that runs manually-designed campaigns but uses AI to decide when to add customers to each campaign and to personalize the choice of products and contents offered within campaign messages.

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