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June 15, 2017

Highspot Raises $15 Million

Highspot Raises $15 Million to Grow Content Discovery for Sales Reps

Market Wired

Highspot's software helps sales people find the best-performing content to offer their prospects. It’s a niche solution but a common problem. They just raised a $15 million Series B, bringing total funding to $24.6 million. Investors include Salesforce Ventures, which has been intriguingly active recently.

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Mobile Banking Moves Past Balance Look-up


A messaging vendor recently told me that mobile wallets are the next big thing in customer interaction. They may have a point: wallets are one of the few ways to reach customers at scale without going through the walled garden vendors (Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon). This study from financial technology provider Fiserv doesn’t make that particular case but it does give some general information on use of mobile technology for financial services. One big shift: consumers have moved past balance look-ups to complex transactions like bill payment.

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IAB Primer Explains Mobile Identity and Cross-Device Matching


Mobile identities and cross-device matching are among the most confusing topics in our industry. The IAB just published a detailed paper that explains the mechanics and related best practices for treating customer information properly. If you’re not already an expert, this will let you sound like one.

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