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July 27, 2017

Data Management Is Fun!

RedPoint Gobal CDP Extends Data Management Features

RedPoint Global

Customer Data Platform vendor RedPoint Global has added new master data management features to its system, making it easier for business users to review, approve or reject proposed changes.  The enhancements join an already rich set of data stewardship features in RedPoint.

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Disconnected Data Costs $140 Billion Per Year: SnapLogic Survey


Data management isn’t the glamorous part of marketing, but avoiding it has tremendous costs.  A study from integration vendor SnapLogic estimates U.S. and U.K. companies are losing $140 billion each year, including lost time, wasted resources and missed opportunities.  Lack of collaboration and departmental turf-guarding are the biggest obstacles to integration; lack of technology ranks sixth.  Lots of other good information. 

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Vast Majority of U.S. Firms Still Not Preparing for GDPR: Spiceworks


I haven’t pestered you recently about GDPR (those new European data privacy rules, now less than a year away).  But this Spiceworks report shows just five percent of U.S. companies have even begun to prepare, so another nudge is in order.  Consider yourself nudged.  Remember that GDPR affects any company holding data on European Union citizens, even if the company is the U.S.

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