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July 10, 2017

Marketing Metrics via Chatbot

Paranotek Offers Encryption as Privacy Solution


Some news is more interesting for how it’s presented than the actual content.  For example, when encryption developer Paranotek patented its latest protocol, the press release said it “may solve many of today’s online data and privacy issues.”  This suggests they felt that a positioning based on personal privacy would be more appealing than one based on corporate data security.  I hope they're right although I doubt it.  I also hope Paranotek employees refer to themselves Paranoids.

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Tune Delivers Marketing Metrics via Slack Chatbot

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Along similar lines, it’s interesting that mobile martech developer Tune presents natural language access to marketing metrics as a chatbot.  Apparently they feel that will get more attention.  The “tunebot” is accessed via Slack, where it acts like just another team member.  On Slack, no one knows you’re a bot.

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MediaValet Integrates Digital Assets Management with Slack


Speaking of Slack integration, digital asset management vendor MediaValet just announced their own Slack connection.  It will allow collaborative comments, workflows, and approvals.  That seems like a fairly natural use for Slack. 

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