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August 3, 2017

HubSpot and Zeta Global Buy AI Tools

HubSpot Buys AI-Based Sales Enablement Vendor Kemvi


Marketing automation and CRM vendor HubSpot acquired Kemvi, which uses machine learning to scan online content for insights about sales prospects. Since pretty much every vendor now uses AI in some way, what’s interesting here is to see HubSpot double down on its efforts to support sales rather than marketing users.

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Zeta Global Acquires AI-Based Personalization Vendor Boomtrain

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Yep, another AI-related acquisition: B2C marketing cloud vendor Zeta Global bought Boomtrain, a machine-learning-driven personalization platform. Zeta’s ambitions to compete with Adobe, Oracle, and Salesforce were bolstered in April with $140 million in new funds, bringing total investment to $380 million since 2012.  That seems like a lot but it's less than the big guys spend on one acquisition.

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prooV Takes $14 Million Funding for Proof of Concept Platform

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Maybe it would be easier to specify when an item is NOT AI-related. Here’s one of those: prooV lets companies run “proof of concept” projects on without the usual hassle of custom deployment. It’s a super-clever idea, removing one of the main friction points in the purchase process for large tech investments. How closely prooV can mimic a custom POC is another question, but it’s certainly worth a look. The company just raised $14 million, bringing total funding to $21 million.

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