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August 4, 2017

Retailers Plan AI-Based Personalization

Crownpeak Buys Evidon to Enhance Digital Governance


Web content management vendor Crownpeak has purchased Evidon, which helps companies capture and manage consumer data on Web sites. Evidon’s capabilities are particularly important as companies work to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the May 2018 deadline

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Retailers Missing Basic Personalization Opportunities: Kibo


Many online retailers are missing basic personalization opportunities, including recently viewed item lists (not found on 40% of sites) and personalized recommendations (unavailable at 47% of sites if users were not signed in), according to a study by ecommerce platform vendor Kibo. More than 40% don't send cart abandonment emails. The study also looked at integration of in-store and online experiences including pricing and signage.

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Retailers Look to AI to Improve Customer Experience: Forrester


One reason retailers don’t do personalization is it’s too complicated. Artificial intelligence is expected to help, according to a Forrester study sponsored by ecommerce platform Emarsys. Intelligent recommendations was the second-most planned application for AI (40%), following analytics (43%). Using AI to personalize customer experiences across channels was the most common application expected to be implemented within the next twelve months (81%).

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