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August 9, 2017

Evergage Raises $10 Million

Personalization and CDP Vendor Evergage Raises $10 Million Series C


Personalization vendor Evergage, whose product includes a Customer Data Platform, announced a $10 million Series C funding, bring total funding to $31.5 million. Evergage does real time personalization for Web sites and mobile apps.

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New Vendor Offers Self-Service Online List Hygiene

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Start-up PB Data Services announced a self-service online data append tool for list hygiene and data append. It’s not clear what’s new compared with an announcement they made in March, but it doesn’t really matter. I’m just posting this as an example of how easily marketers can access this type of information. Plenty of vendors offer similar services.

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Brands and Publishers Building Audience Databases: Adweek


It’s a slow news day. So here’s a good piece from Adweek about brand marketers building their own audience databases so they are less reliant on Google and Facebook. It’s a core CDP use case. The author works for cross-device identity solution Drawbridge.

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