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August 14, 2017

Fast Delivery Is New Front in Retail Battle

SnapApp Raises $10.2 Million for Interactive Content


Interactive B2B content platform SnapApp has closed a $10.2 million Series B funding, bringing total funding to $22 million. SnapApp content captures user behavior and data but doesn’t make much use of external information in managing what’s presented.

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Jivox Adds Dynamic Creative to plista Native Advertising

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Jivox dynamically generates personalized programmatic ads based on all sorts of inputs and machine learning. They’ve just teamed with plista to extend their scope to native advertising, which inserts content recommendations within editorial settings. plista has its own data-driven recommendation engine as well as a publisher network.

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Target Buys Grand Junction As Local Delivery Becomes New Battleground


Of course, all discussions of customer data come back to Facebook, Amazon, Google, and the other mega-aggregators. As everyone else scrambles to compete, retailers have been looking to leverage their advantage in physical presence, through things like BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick up In Store) and same-day delivery. That’s why it matters that Target just purchased Grand Junction, a software platform that manages local deliveries. Also relevant: a Forrester study for American Express that found Gen Z and Gen Y consumers want same-day delivery much more than mobile self-checkout or pay-by-voice.  Incidentally, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Netflix were among the top ten most loved brands in a NetBase study, simply confirming that consumers are giving up their data voluntarily. Google ranked a lowly 29th.

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