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August 16, 2017

Ways to Get Data: Build, Buy, or Steal?

ZoomInfo Purchased by Private Equity Investor


B2B data compiler ZoomInfo has been purchased by private equity firm Great Hill Partners. It continues a trend of marketing technology vendors being purchased by private equity firms, although Great Hill hasn’t been particularly active in the martech space. Price was not disclosed.

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U.S. Court Allows Scraping of LinkedIn Public Profiles

Ars Technica

Why compile B2B data when you can just grab it from LinkedIn? That was the logic behind hiQ Labs’ business, which does analytics based on the public portion of LinkedIn profiles. LinkedIn sued to stop them, citing anti-hacking laws, but, a U.S. District Court ruled in hiQ’s favor. The basic logic was that anything not protected by a password is fair game. Expect an appeal.

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Uber Settles with FTC on Data Privacy

Federal Trade Commission

Then again, some companies can’t even protect their data from their own employees. Uber’s lax security policies led to a 2014 data breach, and has now settled with the Federal Trade Commission. It’s required to implement a comprehensive privacy program, submit to 20 years of data audits, and not misrepresent how it protects consumers’ personal data.

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