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August 25, 2017

State of Customer Engagement Is Worse Than You Think

Ad Fraud Detector DoubleVerify Sells Majority Stake to Providence Equity Partners

Wall Street Journal

Private equity investors continue to replace public markets as the main buyers of marketing and advertising tech companies. Latest transaction is DoubleVerify, which battles online ad fraud by authenticating that impressions are viewed and the viewers are human. Buyer was Providence Equity Partners. They didn’t announce a price but the Wall Street Journey says they paid around $200 million for a majority stake.

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Podcast Ad Platform ART19 Raises $7.5 Million


Earlier in the company lifecycle, podcast hosting and ad serving platform ART19 raised a $7.5 million Series A. More people listen to podcasts in the U.S. than use Twitter, according the ART19 founder Sean Carr. ART19 can dynamically insert ads into podcasts, helping creators generate more revenue.

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Marketo Reports on State of Customer Engagement (It’s Worse Than You Think)


Enough financial news. Here’s an 88-page report from Marketo on “engagement”. I was most intrigued to find that B2B buyers are consistently more demanding than B2C buyers when it comes to personalized treatments. Less surprising: 85% of marketers think their organization provides a consistent experience across channels but 56% of consumers think brands could do a better job. Tech was cited by marketers as the biggest obstacle to doing better. And much, much more....remember, 88 pages.

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