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August 28, 2017

Blockchain Ads, Video CRM, and Mobile

Gravity4 Marketing Cloud Adds Blockchain-Based Ad Service

PR Web

Gravity4 calls itself “the world’s first A.I. big data marketing cloud”, which sounds suspiciously fluffy but is backed by some substance. They focus mostly on programmatic advertising but have “apps” that support other channels. Latest news is they’ve released a blockchain-based service for paid digital advertising. Bonus trivia: the product is called “Lydian” in honor of Lydia, the first civilization to use coins (not Lydia, the tattooed lady).

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nFusz Launches Video-Based CRM

Market Wired

Blockchain is cool, but a “video-based CRM” sounds cooler. Interactive video company nFusz has just released one, called notifiCRM. It joins notifiWeb, notifADS, and notifLINKS in their stable. nFusz tech can embed clickable links within videos and also creates super-annoying attention-grabbing “walk out videos” that play on top of other applications. In addition to video distribution, NotifiCRM has the usual CRM functions such as list imports and drip campaigns.

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Retailers Still Struggle with Mobile Marketing: RetailMeNot Survey


New tech is fun, but many marketers are still struggling with the basics. Take mobile marketing: more than half (54%) of retailers say mobile technology evolves too quickly for their companies to keep pace, according to a survey from RetailMeNot. One quarter can’t even correlate mobile marketing to in-store sales. No interactive video for you.

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