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August 29, 2017

Amplero Raises $17.5 Million

Amplero Raises $17.5 Million and Expands Human-Friendly Insights


Amplero, which uses artificial intelligence to generate and optimize highly-segmented marketing programs, announced a $17.5 million Series B funding. The company also announced enhancements to its Learned Insights feature, which presents marketers with human-friendly insights, alerts, and performance measurements.

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Too Much and Too Little Email Personalization Almost Equally Annoying: Adobe Survey


We wouldn't usually mention Adobe's press release touting interesting but not-yet-delivered email applications of its Sensei artificial intelligence. But they cleverly paired it with a good survey on email use.  Too many emails was the most common annoyance but people are also often unhappy when offers are clearly based on incorrect information. Interestingly, too much personalization and too little personalization were almost equally unpopular.

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No Second Chance for Poorly Performing Web Sites, Say One-Third of Consumers in Apica Research


You know what else annoys consumers? Slow-loading Web pages. A survey from Web performance monitoring vendor Apica found that 32% of U.S. consumers would never go back to a poorly performing Web site or app and another 48% would be less loyal. UK and Swedish consumers were a bit more forgiving.

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