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September 8, 2017

CDP Institute Mulls Standardized CDP Categories

Jivox Launches Platform to Integrate Ad Campaign Processes


Jivox, which dynamically assembles personalized advertising messages, announced set of APIs that lets creative, workflow, and media execution tools exchange information about ad campaigns, including personalization strategies, creative assets, and targeting models. This will streamline interactions among separate firms and could ultimately make it easier for artificial intelligence systems to coordinate the process. In fact, Mindshare, a WPP-owned global media agency, is already using it to automate programmatic campaign setup through AppNexus.

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Equifax Criticized for Response to Data Breach Exposing Up to 143 Million Consumers


This cool technology stuff is all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right?  The latest massive data breach was reported by Equifax, which said identifying information had been stolen on up to 143 million consumers. Equifax’s response has been criticized as inadequate and, according to TechCrunch, wouldn’t meet standards in the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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CDP Institute Mulls Standardized CDP Categories

CDP Institute

GDPR compliance is one of many use cases supported by Customer Data Platforms. Alas, the variety of applications itself causes confusion. This post on the CDP Institute blog takes a stab at defining categories that could clarify things a bit. Nothing is locked down yet, so comment away.

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