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September 11, 2017

Interactive Ads Made Easy

Glispa Global Buys justAd to Build Interactive Ads

Glispa Global

Ad tech company Glispa Global Group has acquired justAd, which sell tools to create interactive ads. Glispa also manages programmatic networks for display and app advertising, as well as offering a Data Management Platform, ad creation tools, and mobile SDK. JustAd is Glispa’s fifth acquisition in the past eighteen months.

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Resulticks Adds Voice Interactions to Marketing Campaigns


Interacting through a screen involves physical effort. Exhausting! Omnichannel marketing automation provider Resulticks has addressed the problem by adding voice interactions to its campaigns. Their example: a smart home device recommends air conditioner maintenance based on local weather forecasts. It doesn’t seem that marketers can build campaigns with voice commands, although I’m sure they’re working on it.

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Ten Key Themes for AI Use Cases: Tractica Research


Of course, voice interaction is one tiny corner of the artificial intelligence landscape. The nice people at industry research company Tractica has summarized the big picture, including three macro categories, six technologies, ten key themes, and seven steps to take next. Good stuff.

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