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September 12, 2017

Amazon 1-Click Patent Expires

Integrate.AI Gets More Funding for AI-Based Something


The folks at Integrate.ai are rather vague on what their start-up will do, beyond applying SaaS-based artificial intelligence to first- and third-party data to optimize customer engagements. But that was enough to attract a second round of $4.6 million seed funding last week, on top of $5 million announced when the company was launched in February. No word on when a product will be released.

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High-Growth Marketers Spend More on Measurement: Forbes / Neustar Research


Marketers who spend more on measurement get better results, according to a Neustar-sponsored report from Forbes CMO Practice. Alas, they released only an infographic rather than the full report. But even that has useful factoids if you’re arguing to expand your company’s measurement program.

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Amazon’s 1-Click Ordering Patent Expires Today

Marketing Land

This isn’t exactly news but it’s still interesting to learn that Amazon’s patent on “1-click” ordering expires today. Does it seem they’ve been doing that forever or that they started just yesterday? Bonus question: what will change now that everyone can offer 1-click shopping?

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