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September 14, 2017

Amperity Reveals Its Customer Data Platform

Amperity Reveals Its Customer Data Platform

Market Wired

Amperity, which has been in not-very-quiet stealth mode for over a year, has formally unveiled its “intelligent customer data platform”. As you’d expect, it builds unified customer databases using machine learning and a large-scale distributed data architecture (Microsoft Azure). The big innovation appears to be probabilistic rating of the matches found by its identity resolution engine.  This lets marketers use tighter or looser standards depending on the situation. The company raised $9 million in February 2016.

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TouchCR Unbundles Customer Data Services

PR Web

TouchCR also creates unified customer profiles, along with scores and segmentation. It has just unbundled key services including customer data merge and integration, scoring, journey tracking, and dashboards. TouchCR is focused on ecommerce clients and integrates with all Salesforce.com products.

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More on Classifying CDP Systems

CDP Institute

Having a hard time telling apart Amperity, TouchCR, and dozens of other CDP vendors? So is everyone else. The CDP Institute is working on it – here’s the latest step in our project to make sense of it all.

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