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September 15, 2017

Personalization Vendors Expand Their Scope

Iterable Adds Connectors for Direct Mail, Social Audiences, and Web/Mobile Push

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Today’s lesson: Personalization is cool but omni-channel personalization is even cooler. Exhibit A is Iterable, which has expanded the reach of its “growth marketing platform” with connectors for direct mail, web push, rich content mobile push and Facebook and Instagram Custom Audiences. Iterable’s core functionality is to send segments and personalized messages to external systems for delivery. It works with any type of data but doesn’t manage a unified database on its own.

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Evergage Launches Triggered Emails


Next up: Evergage, which does real-time personalization for Web sites and mobile apps. They’ve added triggered emails to the mix. Everage does build and expose its own database, making a true Customer Data Platform.

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e-Spirit Releases Intelligent Content Engine


Finally there's e-Spirit, a Web content management system that became an omni-channel “digital experience hub”. They just announced an “intelligent content engine” that creates personalized messages by first building a unified customer database and then generating audience segments and product and content recommendations as inputs.

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