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September 18, 2017

Fun with Martech Funding

MarTech Spend Exceeds $34 Billion: WARC Research


U.S. and UK marketers will spend $34 to $40 billion on technology this year, or roughly 16% of their budgets, according to advertising industry research firm WARC. That's in line with an IDC estimate of $42 billion worldwide for 2016 but well below the 27% of marketing spend reported by Gartner. Gartner pegs martech spend at 3.24% of corporate revenue but I've never seen that converted to an actual number.  For what it’s worth, total U.S. business revenue is about $15 trillion per year, so 3.24% of that would be about $500 billion.

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Braavo Capital Offers Automated Alternative to Venture Funding

Business Wire

Has martech grown because of venture funding, or did funding create martech growth? Presumably, both. In any event, Braavo Capital offers an alternative to conventional financing, making credit available to mobile app developers based on customer behaviors captured by the apps themselves. It also taps into existing revenue sources for automated repayment. The company just closed it own $70 million financing, the old fashioned way.

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Swrve Raises $25 Million Series D for Mobile Marketing Automation


Mobile marketing automation platform Swrve also raised its $25 million Series D from conventional sources. Swrve gathers mobile data through its own SDK and can connect to other sources.  It also exposes the data to external systems. So we could call them a Customer Data Platform, even though they don't..

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