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September 19, 2017

BlueConic Offers Free CDP Readiness Assessment

BlueConic Launches Free CDP Readiness Assessment


Customer Data Platform vendor BlueConic has released a CDP readiness self-assessment tool. After answering four questions, respondents are told their company’s maturity level and given a list of use cases that are appropriate to their situation. Nice!

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Siftery Recommends Software Products Based on What Similar Companies Are Using


BlueConic doesn’t recommend specific products based on your answers, but Siftery does. It looks at what products are used at your company and at similar companies and suggests products you might want to add. Artificial intelligence is involved.

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Businesses Over-Estimate the Quality of Their Communications: Twilio Study


Siftery’s premise is that companies are using the right systems. But maybe companies aren’t so good at knowing what they need. Customer communications platform Twilio found that companies are vastly more satisfied with their performance than the consumers they serve. As in, 81% of consumers say it’s hard to communicate with businesses but just 34% of businesses think it’s a problem. A ray of hope: companies that consider communication “extremely important” are much more likely to do it well. So if you’ve often expected companies could do a better job if they wanted to, you were right.

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