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September 20, 2017

Lytics and mParticle Add New Modules

Lytics Adds Journey Orchestration Engine

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Customer Data Platform vendor Lytics has added a journey orchestration engine, called Orchestrate. The new tool lets marketers define and execute multi-channel campaigns within Lytics and push the resulting lists of customers and the messages they should receive to external systems for delivery.

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mParticle Raises $35 Million and Adds New Identity Management Features


More CDP industry news: mParticle announced a $35 million Series C funding and released an identity management engine called ID Sync. ID Synch is intriguing because it focuses on controlling which aspects of identity are presented in different situation. See this blog post for details. mParticle total funding is now $76 million.

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Immuta Data Platform Features Strong Access and Privacy Controls

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Immuta isn’t a CDP: it builds unified, accessible databases for intelligence analysts, not marketers. The company just released a product targeted at data scientists in general. Its sophisticated controls over data access and privacy protection are an interesting benchmark for marketers and CDP systems.

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