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September 22, 2017

HubSpot Adds Motion AI and Scott Brinker

HubSpot Adds Artificial Intelligence from Motion AI and Human Intelligence from Scott Brinker


HubSpot announced its purchase of easy-to-use chatbot builder Motion AI, the firm's third AI acquisition this year after Kemvi (intelligence extraction) and Evolve App (dating advice…yes, really). The inbound marketing company also announced that marketing technology uber-guru Scott Brinker will be joining as Vice President of Platform Ecosystem, where he will encourage partners to build products for the HubSpot platform. Related: Brinker’s old firm, ion interactive, was just purchased by ScribbleLive.

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The Cat Died


Personal information is second only to political opinions on the list of things consumers don’t want to hear from brands, according to a study from social advocacy platform Bambu. Responding to questions is the most appreciated behavior. Other insights include gaps between channels used by companies and the channels preferred by consumers. Worth a look.

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What’s So Funny About GDPR?


Not much, when you come right down to it. But marketing services agency Direct Services Inc. has nonetheless launched GDPRtoons, which illustrates key GDPR issues in ways they hope will amuse you. Hey, if that’s what it takes.

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