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September 25, 2017

SAP Buys Gigya

SAP Buys Identity Management Vendor Gigya


SAP Hybris has purchased customer identity management vendor Gigya. TechCrunch reported the price was $350 million. Gigya lets consumers register and then manage their information centrally. This becomes increasingly important as GDPR and similar regulations outside the U.S. give consumers more legal power over how their data is used. As our friends at Equifax have recently demonstrated, consumers within the U.S. have pretty much no data rights whatsoever.

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IZEA Uses AI to Automate Influencer Screening

Business Wire

Influencer marketing platform IZEA announced it is now using artificial intelligence to vet members of its influencer network. Aligning nicely with the current mood, it positions this as helping to ensure brand safety by protecting marketers from associating with undesirable partners. But it also casually mentions the new system has replaced many of the human workers who previously did the vetting. That’s probably the bigger news.

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WEVO Predicts Website Performance by Showing Pages to People


I thought this next item was also about computers replacing people, since it touts an AI-based startup that predicts Website conversion performance without bothering to actually launch the Website. But it turns out that WEVO achieves this miracle by posting images of page designs and asking people their opinion. How quaint.

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