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September 27, 2017

Avoid Chatbots with Russian Accents

Drift Raises $32 Million Series B to To Expand Conversational Marketing

Business Wire

Drift calls itself a “conversation-driven sales and marketing platform.” which sounds like marketing-speak for chatbot. Indeed, tthat’s their primary product although they add live chat, in-app messaging, and personal Web pages. They’ve served 50,000 users since launching in April 2016 and just raised a $32 million Series B.

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Typeform Raises $35 Million Series B to Expand Conversation Data Collection

PR Newswire

Typeform, founded in 2012, calls itself a “conversational data collection platform” and is also a form of chatbot, in this case optimized for data collection by asking one question at a time. This lets marketers replace those dreary multi-question forms that are especially problematic on mobile. They raised a $35 million Series B a couple of weeks ago.

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Equifax CEO Leaves with $18.4 Million Pension as Shareholders Lose $4 Billion


If a chatbot with a Russian accent asks for your personal details, think twice before responding. Sadly, Equifax can’t claim its massive data breach was the result of something so clever: it just failed at the kindergarten-level step of installing a software patch to fix known vulnerabilities. CEO Richard Smith has now resigned over the incident, following the company’s chief security and chief information officers out the door. Equifax shareholders took a $4 billion hit after the breach, but Smith will get his full $18.4 million pension and apparently retain the $3 million in performance bonuses he earned in 2015 and 2016.

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