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September 29, 2017

Schema Automation, Attribution, and Privacy

Datometry Announces Automated Data Warehouse Schema Synthesizer


I know what you like and today’s newsletter isn’t it. But I consider these topics important. Let’s start with automated data management – something that should matter to CDP vendors and buyers alike, since it reduces the cost of building and managing a unified, persistent customer database. Datometry, which specializes in this sort of thing, has announced an automated data warehouse schema synthesizer. That makes it easier to move data warehouses to the cloud..

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C3 Metrics Launches Attribution Data Cloud with Unified Customer View

C3 Metrics

Attribution gets less attention than it should. C3 Metrics just launched an “attribution data cloud”, which includes user-level viewability, cross-device matching, and fraud removal across online and offline media. Viewability and fraud removal are mainly the concerns of media specialists, but the cross-device matching, shared ID to unify online and offline identities, API access and bidirectional CRM connectors should interest anyone who works with customer data.

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Most Companies Don’t Track Which Partners Share Their Sensitive Information: Ponemon Institute and Opus


Completing our tour of neglect is a report from data security vendor Opus and the Ponemon Institue about data security risks of sharing information with third parties. Attention grabbers: 56% of companies have experienced a third party data breach and 57% don't have an inventory of third parties receiving their sensitive information. Oh, and the average breach costs $7.3 million to fix.

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