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October 2, 2017

Data Sharing Gets Smarter

Evident Raises $8.8 Million Series A for On-Demand Access to Consumer-Held Data

Evident ID

Data security and privacy are much on users’ minds these days, between GDPR, the Equifax breach, and growing concern over what Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others are up to. So maybe the time is right for security technology vendor Evident ID to launch its service, a smartphone app that lets users enter data about themselves, have it verified by a trusted third party, and then grant access to businesses they select. The approach saves businesses from needing to store sensitive data and thus worry about its security or keep it current. The company recently raised an $8.8 million Series A. Don’t confuse them with Evident.io.

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Taboola Adds Third Party Data to Better Target Paid Content

Business Wire

At the other end of the spectrum we have news that Taboola – which offers those little article links at the bottom of Web sites – has teamed with third party data distributors including Oracle Data Cloud, Neustar, Acxiom and Bombora to provide information about Web site visitors. This lets advertisers target the articles using visitor data as well as on-site behaviors. All entirely legal but not exactly putting consumers in control.

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Salesforce Announces Second Party Data Sharing Platform


Second party data is held more tightly than third party data, in that companies who provide the data can pick exactly who uses it. Consumers still don’t have direct say, though. Salesforce has just announced announced Data Studio, a platform to simplify second party sharing arrangements.

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