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October 3, 2017

Databases Get Smarter; People, Not So Much

Oracle Launches Autonomous Database Cloud

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Okay, it’s official: AI-managed databases are a thing. We recently covered Qubole, Datometry and Infoworks. Now Oracle itself has announced the world’s first autonomous database cloud and data warehouse cloud. Lots of self-tuning goodness involved. Your DBAs might actually have to talk to people.

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Majority of IT Managers Expect a Data Breach This Year


Or maybe those bored DBAs can be redeployed as security managers. A survey from enterprise identity management vendor SailPoint found that that three in five senior IT decision makers expect a data breach in the coming year and one third don’t think they’ll learn about it. A whopping 71% said they’re not equipped to fully protect sensitive data. Maybe it's just how the survey was written, but no one seemed to feel much urgency about solving the problem.

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Service Is Getting Worse: Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

It would be nice to think that consumers had a better attitude, but a Better Business Bureau survey said that three-quarters of consumers said they had the same or more negative experiences last year vs three years ago. Retailers can find a much-needed ray of hope in finding they are the most trusted type of company.  Car dealers are the least trusted, followed closely by financial services and telecommunications providers. Sign of the times: 11% complain to Amazon when they have a problem, almost as many as complain to consumer protection agencies (14%) and more than to an attorney general (6%). The BBB itself is the most popular place to seek help (37%). Other interesting data in here too.

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