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October 6, 2017

Retail's New Mantra is Convience, Not Location

Majority of Retailers Now Offer Same Day Delivery: BRP Survey

BRP Consulting

We all know that retailers face massive change, but sometimes don’t recognize how aggressively many are responding. This study from BRP Consulting found that 51% now offer same day delivery, up from just 16% a year ago. About one-quarter have other advanced capabilities such as promotions based on real time events and identifying customers within the store. Lots of other interesting information.

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Walmart Buys Same-Day Delivery Service Parcel


Same day delivery eliminates a big reason to visit physical retail stores.  So you might wonder why Walmart just purchased Parcel, a same-day delivery service in New York City. My take: the option keeps customers within the Walmart family, making it harder for online competitors to establish beachhead relationships.

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IKEA Buys TaskRabbit to Outsource Consumer Frustration


IKEA might be able to offer same day delivery, but to be really convenient they’d need to stuff a little assembly person (or robot) inside the package. That’s not yet possible but they’ve found the next best thing by purchasing TaskRabbit, which provides on-demand workers for exactly such chores. You wonder if IKEA has some grander plan here – they didn’t need to buy TaskRabbit if they only wanted to help customers schedule TaskRabbit services. Perhaps they are reimagining retailers’ core business as providing convenience, not physical products. Or maybe they’re just letting consumers pay someone else to be frustrated by IKEA assembly instructions.

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