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October 9, 2017

Signs of the Times

Aprimo Adds Auto-Tagging of Digital Assets


It’s pretty small potatoes when an existing vendor adds a single new feature. But automated content tagging is a critical enabling technology for marketers to effectively manage the massive volume of content needed for individual-level experience orchestration. So I’ll report that Aprimo has highlighted AI-based auto-tagging in its latest digital asset management product update. They also made a separate announcement about enhancements to advertising and lead nurture features for local marketers and channel partners. The separate announcements nicely illustrate Aprimo’s split personality as a digital asset management system that also does distributed marketing automation (or maybe it’s the other way around).

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Narrative I/O Adds 40 Million Consumer Profiles from Cint

Business Wire

It’s also not surprising that personal data is available for sale! But the fact that Narrative I/O has built a business to exchange customer data and nothing else still comes as a mild surprise. We actually mentioned them last August, so maybe the real story is short term memory loss among online newsletter editors.  Where was I?…oh yes, Narrative I/O has added “self-declared first person audience data” from Cint, which collects that data while building consumer panels for market research. So the other news angle here is that 40 million people have voluntarily (or unknowingly) given up so much personal information.

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Spatially Offers Geo-Targeted Ads Based on Consumer Traffic

PR Web

Here’s a more conventional item: a product launch. The vendor is Spatially, which provides businesses with location-tagged consumer data. They just added the ability to run geo-targeted ad campaigns in Google AdWords and Facebook.

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