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October 10, 2017

Headwinds for the Duopolists

Amazon Advertisers Expanding Faster than Google or Facebook


Today is 10/10, which makes it Duopoly Day and thus a good time to indulge my obsession with Google/Facebook and walled garden vendors in general. Let’s start with news from ClickZ that Amazon advertisers are more likely to expand their spend on Amazon than Google or Facebook advertisers on those platforms. The key factor is that Amazon’s detailed product search information is a super-effective targeting tool. There’s plenty of room for growth: just 15% of marketers feel they’re using Amazon Marketing Services to its full potential. Lots of other interesting stuff.

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Apple Makes Customer Tracking Harder for Everybody Who’s Not Apple


More bad news for the duopolists: Apple’s latest Safari update makes it easier to block third party cookies used for cross-site tracking. They’re especially important for Facebook and Google. Decide for yourself whether Apple is being an altruistic protector of consumer privacy or cementing control over its customers by blocking out competitors.

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Marketers Don’t Fight Duopoly Very Hard: Digiday


But how much do advertisers really care about their life-threatening dependence on the duopolists?  Not very, according to this article from Digiday. Their reporter found that “senior marketers, for the most part, shrugged off Google and Facebook’s domination of media” while settling for minor concessions on brand safety and measurement. What can I say?

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