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October 11, 2017

Combining First and Third Party Data

LinkedIn Leverages Its Data with New Partner Integrations


When Microsoft paid $26 billion for LinkedIn last year, the possibilities for leveraging LinkedIn data seemed endless. Yesterday the company filled in some of the details with product announcements including CRM data validation and integration of Sales Navigator with LinkedIn advertising campaigns and nearly two dozen business intelligence, marketing automation, sales acceleration and other vendors.  While Microsoft had already integrated Sales Navigator with its own Dynamics CRM, these announcements make clear that competitive products won’t be frozen out.

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ZenIQ Adds Bombora Intent Data

Market Wired

Speaking of data integration, we also have news that B2B Customer Data Platform and Account Based Marketing vendor ZenIQ has a new partnership to ingest Bombora’s intent data. It’s an interesting example of loading third party data into a CDP to supplement a company’s own first party data.

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Cross-Channel Identity Resolution Critical for Marketing Measurement: LiveRamp Study

Business Wire

Switching to consumer data integration, we have a very interesting study from cross-device identity vendor LiveRamp about how marketers are using individual-level identity resolution to better measure performance. Nearly everyone (94%) said cross-media identity resolution is needed to accurately assess marketing performance, while just 21% had people-based measurement in place. Almost half (42%) didn’t know how to get started. Other interesting data too.

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